Promoting Fine Art Books | Foreword

1996 | Dr. Arnold L. Lehman
           Former Director, Baltimore Museum of Art
           Current Director, Brooklyn Museum of Art


Nannette Clapman Blinchikoff continues her dedicated service to both our regional community of artists and, indeed, to artists nationwide with her books on Promoting Fine Art.  Throughout her long career as a sculptor, she has devoted herself to two goals beyond her own art.  As a longtime board member and president of Maryland Artists Equity Foundation, she has helped focus that organization on assisting talented youth in pursuing careers in the visual arts.  Of equal merit, has been her assistance to professional artists through the information gathered and published in her books.

Although the number of Maryland and regional galleries, organizations and agencies, public and private, that directly affect or relate to artists and visual arts has increased dramatically over the past decade, until Promoting Fine Art no comprehensive guide to this information existed in an easy to access format.  In order to succeed in any economic period, artists, as “professionals,” need to have the best information possible about governmental and business activities that might have career implications.  To this end, Ms. Blinchikoff, writing both from personal experience and from years of information gathering in the field, has provided an important contribution to her colleagues with the publication of this guide.