My intent is to create interesting sculpture that brings the viewer into my world of imagination. 

For the past 60 years, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with brass, bronze, cardboard, clay, fiberglass, mirrors, resin, steel, stone, and wood.  I respect the material’s inherent boundaries and restrictions, when transforming it into a finished work-of-art. 

I always strive to preserve the integrity of the material, while thinking out-of-the box to find solutions to problems I may encounter. 


Cardboard | Studio | Nannette | 2007
Fiberglass | My Cockatoo
Polyester Resin | The Runner
Bronze | Drummer
Wax prototype for the Piano Player
Brass | Head of Man in my Life
Cherry wood | Primative Man
Brass | Best Foot Forward
Wood | Face | Mosaic | Lost in the Woods
Brass, Wood, Barbed-wire | Silent Horror
Stone l Profile
Bronze | Trumpeter
Fiberglass | The Clown
Bronze | Animus
Brass | I Saw But Could Not Speak
Wood | Torso | detail face
Polyester Resin | The Runner | Nannette | 1973
Resin on Paper | Face
Bronze | Attack
Bronze | after the cast pour | Drummer
Bronze | Lead Singer
Bronze | Banjo Player
Bronze | Horse-bird #1
Air-dried clay | The Mask