Art Instructor  |  Middle-School Parent Review  |  Jill Aizenstein  |  2021

July 19, 2021

Dear Nannette,

I sincerely apologize for how belated, I am in, sending you this note of gratitude, which should also serve as the highest of high recommendations!

We first came to you with the discrete intention of having you help Batsheva prepare her application and portfolio for Carver High School‘s Visual Arts program.  You had come highly recommended, with 100% acceptance rates.  After watching how you worked with Batsheva, I gained some insight into how/why you earned those results.

I distilled your magic down to three Nannette tricks: 1) You treated her as a whole person – feeding her, talking to her, asking her to bring things home, and sending pictures from home.  2) You made sure all the creative decisions were hers– by letting her choose the quirky animals in her kooky 3-dimensional schoolhouse; setting up a timetable for how long to work on a certain piece; devoting her attention to what was important to her.  The voice of the art was so clearly and loudly Batsheva.

The skill, technique, attention to detail, materials, and logistical matters, on the other hand, were so clearly and loudly, guided by your sure and wise hand.  3) You held her accountable for her work and performance, modeling and mentoring responsibility and discipline as an artist, and in all aspects of her life.  In addition to appreciating you for the incredible skills and techniques you teach, I am equally, deeply appreciative for the mentor that you are.  You were so much more than Batsheva’s art teacher.  While you were helping her learn to draw and sculpt, you also help me and my husband, so much more.

You helped mold her adolescent soul, to feel valued and worthy in her art, to become responsible for her work and time, and to be confident in her own voice, as an artist and young woman.  Please know I have meant these words for so, so long. Now that things are beginning to feel more normal, I hope we will be able to get together soon.

Jill Aizenstein.