Five in combat |  1986  |  bronze |  10″x11″x10″  |  Theme: Finding Myself

1994 | Five in Combat | Baltimore City Hall Exhibit
Five in Combat  |  1986  |  bronze |  10"x11"x10"  |  Theme: Finding Myself


Five in Combat is a metaphor for my life, in 1986.  Like many women who were multi-tasking, I too had many roles to juggle: mother, wife, nurturer, artist, art instructor, co-worker, and all else.  After casting and refining this five-figured sculpture, I realized each nude represented one facet of my life and was fighting for position, acknowledgment, and equal time.  Hence the title Five in Combat.

Five in Combat began with two clay female nudes (7" and 8" long) and their rubber molds. Once the molds were filled with layers of wax, multipe nude figures could be crafted. After the five-wax nudes had their own identities, I grouped them together. Sculpture should be interesting design from any viewpoint. It was a surprise to me, when I found a personal attachment to the piece.
Even though the top figure is the smallest, it finds the strength to attack the larger figure, that is perched atop the pregnant figure on the bottom.