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 I teach my students how to SEE;  how to analyze and capture the ESSENCE of what they are viewing.  When looking at an object to draw, paint, or photograph…whether it is a face, still life, interior space, or exterior composition…one needs to SEE the entirety of its parts, plus every detail.

I build confidence and skill-sets, offer a wide variety of art materials, introduce my What-Why-How principles, and teach how to talk intelligently about the art that is created.  

1978 | age 8 | NCB's art-school student
High-school student | self-portrait
College-bound student | painting
Middle-school student | photograph


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Early-Alzheimer's Step 1: Blind-contour drawing | Participants drew shapes without looking at the paper; soothing music played in the background.
 Early-Alzheimer's Step 5: Small shapes of, colored-construction paper, were glued to the larger abstract shapes. to add dimension to the relief.