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“Nannette Clapman Blinchikoff continues her dedicated service to both our regional community of artists and, indeed, to artists nationwide with her books on Promoting Fine Art. Throughout her long career as a sculptor, she has devoted herself to two goals beyond her own art. 

  • As a longtime board member and president of Maryland Artists Equity Foundation, she has helped focus that organization on assisting talented youth in pursuing careers in the visual arts.
  • Of equal merit, has been her assistance to professional artists through the information gathered and published in her books.”

The above quote is excerpted from Dr. Arnold L. Lehman’s foreword to Nannette’s two Promoting Fine Art books [1997 & 1998]. See full Foreword here.   
Dr. Lehman is the former Director of the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

2007 | Free books
Promoting Art with Integrity 
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1998 | Out-of-print 
Promoting Fine Art

Washington DC and Northern VA

1997 | Out-of-print
Promoting Fine Art
Baltimore and Maryland


Degrees in Education and Sculpture:  Bachelor of Science ’75 and Master ’84  |  Towson University, Towson, MD 

While researching and writing my master thesis in 1983, I learned the ins-and-outs of networking and visiting art galleries, arts councils, art organizations, and Baltimore’s art scene.  I highly recommend artists use this type of early-research to become familiar with their own art market.  

My first book came about after expanding my knowledge of the art community (via my business-of-art thesis) to include my experiences in retail sales-training.*  Both led to four self-published books, countless lectures, and workshops on The Business of Art. 

1)  Promoting Fine Art, Baltimore  |  1984
2)  Promoting Fine Art, Baltimore & Maryland  |  1997
3)  Promoting Fine Art,  Washington DC & Northern Virginia  |  1998
4)  Promoting Art with Integrity  |  2007, 2008  |  Order  FREE  handbook

* After working in retail-sales for 5 years and attending many how-to-sell seminars, I realized that mainstream sales-techniques could be used to sell anything…including my own sculpture.


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