Promoting Art with Integrity

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Table of Contents

   Five Steps of Promotion

Step One
  Artist and Product Evaluation

Step Two
  Marketing Preparation

Networking and Referrals
Taking Quality Photographs
Creating a Portfolio
 • Cover Letter
 • Photographs, CDs, and Slides
 • Resume
 • Artist's Statement of Work
 • Inventory Listing
 • Business Card
 • Extra Written Materials
 • Self-addressed, Stamped Envelope
Pricing Art for Sale
 • Pricing Formula
 • Pricing Equations
Packing and Shipping Art
Visiting Art Centers
 • Finding Art Centers
 • Planning a Course of Action

Step Three
Exposure Modes

Juried shows
Exhibition Spaces
 • Commercial
 • Cooperative
 • Civic
 • Educational
 • Private
 • Religious
The Internet
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Using e-mail
  • Choosing your URL
  • Reviewing web site costs
  • Designing your web site
Art Consultants
The Commission Process

Step Four
Making Your Promotional Process Work

Public Speaking
Follow-up Strategy and Record Keeping
The Follow-up Call
The Interview
Contractual Agreements
Lawyers for the

Love, 1991, bronze, 10.5"x14.5x5.5"

Step Five
  Preparing for Your Opening Reception
  and Sales

Planning the Opening Reception
After the Sale

Questions to ask:
 • art galleries
 • art organizations
 • art agencies
Samples of:
 • cover letter
 • resume
 • artist's statement
 • resizing an article
 • web homepage