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Polyester Resin

       The Runner     Delicate Arch

The Runner
1972-1973, resin, mirrors, 26"x20"x12"
1979, exhibited at the Boston Marathon Expo

The Runner, challenged Nannette to simulate the motion of running. Looking up into the five-sided mirrored box, one sees multiple reflections of a face, hand, leg, and chest, that do create movement. These four components were first made in clay; then a plaster mold was made for each part and filled with black polyester resin. This lightweight, yet durable, material worked well, as the parts were attached to the mirrored box.

Nannette conceived the idea for this sculpture while watching the end of a 50-mile John F. Kennedy Hike-Run, in Boonsboro, MD. Waiting for her husband to complete the event, she saw the anguish on the faces of those who crossed the finish-line before him. Inspired by everyone's dedication and fortitude, Nannette decided to train for the 1979 Maryland marathon. She completed the 26 mile, 385 yard event in under five hours.













Half Dome, 3"x3"x3"
 Yosemite National Park, CA


In 1995, Nannette used resin to make duplicates  of a few small abstract-bronze sculptures from the 1980s. These new pieces were made from the original rubber molds, painted, and renamed for their mountainous counterparts.

Both sculptures (right and left) were created for "Small Sculpture From Maryland," an invitational art exhibition at the Gallery Art Club 21 in Seoul, Korea.

Delicate Arch,
Arches National Park, UT

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