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    Through the years, Nannette's nudes have incorporated both realistic and abstract components.
   In this 1974 drawing, stylized lines were used          This 1982 bronze sculpture mimics
   to capture the essence of the female image.               the lines of the 1974 drawing.                                   Five in Combat
                             Nude, 1974                                           Godiva, 1982                                                         1986
                      pen and ink, 18"x13"                                  bronze, 5"x4.5"x3"                                           bronze, 10"x

      In 1989, Nannette's goal was to simplify the bronzing process, in order to gain easy access into hard-to-reach areas, when cleaning, grinding, and finishing the piece.
      She achieved her objective by omitting the head, back, and arms; see Overte
' below.

This nude series, done in bronze, between 1989 and 1991, deals
with one of Nannette‘s recurring themes; the conflict between internal and external identities; the hollowed torso exposes the inside of the cavity and creates a graceful silhouette. Both the front and back surfaces are equally important. The surfaces are ground smooth; the outside surface, with its shiny-colored patina, offers a pleasing persona to the public; the inside surface is a deep-rich black cavity, representing one's internal psyche, hidden secrets, and agendas.

                               Back View - Overte', 1989, bronze, 18"x13"x3.5"  -  Front View                             Golden Age, 1991, 12"x19"x7"                                    

     Nannette also experimented with thin-shelled torsos, without legs, as in Innocence, Maturity, Tenderness, Viking's Prow and Free Spirit.
             Innocence, 1990, back and profile views, 8.5"x6"x5.5"                                Maturity, 1990, 10"x9"x5"                         Tenderness, 1990, 10"x7"x6.5"   

                                                   Viking's Prow, 1991, 8"x5"x6" (wall)                  Free Spirit, 1991, 7"x5"x3.5" (wall)

     At the start, technique was Nannette's main focus. Ultimately, aesthetics brought a gracefulness to the images, and introspection gave a deeper meaning to the artwork..
, 1991, 8"x13x5"                                              Love, 1991, 10.5"x14.5x5.5"                                        Motherhood, 1990, 4.5"x19"x5.5"  

     This series includes twelve nudes, for pedestal or wall.
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