Promoting Art with Integrity

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Promoting Art with Integrity

Nannette Clapman Blinchikoff is a sculptor, author, lecturer, art instructor, tutor, and active in Maryland's visual arts community. Her sculpture can be found in public and private art collections and has been seen in numerous local, national, and international exhibitions since 1972.

Nannette began researching promotional options for artists in 1983. Her latest business-of-art book, Promoting Art with Integrity, offers perspectives from both the artist and gallery point of view, while providing countless ideas, practical exercises, and unique methods to adapt mainstream sales techniques to help artists become more professional.

Her lectures, workshops, and private-tutoring sessions are useful tools for:

Nannette developed an abstract 3-D art program for Alzheimer's patients, in 1998. Today, in addition to nursing-facility residents, she has adapted a workshop to meet the abilities of children and adults of all ages.