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   "I have always been fascinated with the wonders of nature, and for years pondered how to capture the
                        essence of the landscape, in a sculptural format. Lightweight fiberglass was the media that served
                       this purpose well.

Because of the process' rapid results, Nannette enjoyed working the material; twenty-two sculptures were created in this series.


   Waterfalls & Mountains, 1994, 33"x48"x8" (Diptych)

    Media: Fiberglass   
    Color:  Crushed water-based pastels and acrylic paint
    Series: Nature, 1991-1996

   Waterfalls: the sculpture's organic-shaped appendages that
        extend from its rock-like center. The flowing images were

        made by twisting resin-coated fiberglass cloth and attaching
        it to a wooden frame to dry.
simulated shapes that anchor the waterfalls from the
        center. The rocky landscapes are made from a variety of molds.



In 1975, while experimenting with a variety of
materials, Nannette
first used fiberglass.

           My Thinker, 1975, 42"x36"x40"

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Though she liked the spontaneity of fiberglass, she did not return to it until 1991, when she tried to simulate the dynamited-mountain walls found along US highways.

Red Rockies, 1992, 5.5"x8.5"

Nannette used clay to create the small rock-like images, and then made a rubber mold of each.


Rocky Mountain, 1992,

These molds were filled with a resin mixture and fiberglass cloth. Once the resin hardened and the forms were removed from their molds, the fun began for Nannette.


      Low Tide: Bay of Fundy
, 1993


She could cut, interchange, glue, and duplicate the parts many times over.
             Earthquake 1993
, 8.5"x12"x6"

Island Treasure, 1992, 13"x19"

          Rocky Road, 1992,  6"x9"x3"


Airy appendages, made without a mold, were attached to the rugged centers, as in, Fred  & Ginger: Let's Dance. Fred Astaire is the long-legged, thin image on the left. Ginger Rogers, on the right, is graceful with her gown flowing, as they dance.
           Fred & Ginger: Let's Dance
           1996, 20"x40"x8"

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Mirrors Added

Ultimately, overlapping mirrors were incorporated into the rock-like images
, which added a new dimension to the series.

       Work in progress: Mountains and Flowers

                        Hidden Cave
1993 - 8"x7.5"

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Mountains and Flowers
1993, 18"x5"x3.5"

Rocky Road, 1993, with mirrors

Mountains and Rainbows, 1995
7.5"x11"x4" - display on wall or pedestal

Small-mirrored Sculptures with Magnetic Backs

Take-off, 1996, 5"x2.5"x2"
repainted in 2004

Hawaii, 1995, 2"x2"x1"

1996, 3.5"x1.5"x1.5"
repainted in 2003


Basketful of ..., 1996, 5"x2.5"x2"
repainted in 2003


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