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Horse-birds: Family Reunion

six cast-bronze horse-birds, six railroad-ties, six black-wood bases

1982-1984,  60"x108"x12"

Details of the six-member
are at the bottom of this page.

            Animus, bronze

Best Foot Forward, brass

  Bird #1 (Nannette), bronze   

          Finished wax horse-birds, ready for bronze casting.

The six "horse-birds," in Family Reunion, are the result of much artistic trial and error. There were many
challenges to resolve, as the series progressed, from Animus and Best Foot Forward. Even though, aesthetically, each horse-bird can stand alone, the six are shown as a unit, representing Nannette's family from her youth. Bird #1 was the last of the six, to be created, and the only bird with a mane. This bird represents Nannette, and is significant because the mane continues into her next series. Bird # 2, her father, stands proud and ready to protect his family. Her mother, Bird # 6, sits on the tallest base, at the far end of the piece, surveying her family unit. The remaining three birds are Nannette's siblings.

While pondering how to present the six birds, Nannette saw a group of sea gulls swooping down, to land on their respective pylons; she thought of her siblings living in different areas of the country and "flying in" to see their parents. It seemed fitting to have her bronze birds sit on pylons, as well. To simulate the pylons, Nannette searched for old railroad ties. Care was taken to clean, dry, and fumigate them; after the moisture was removed, she filled the crevices and applied many layers of clear protective coating; each tie was then screwed to it's new home, a black square base.

In 2004, Family Reunion was included in an exhibit, A Selection of Works by Seven Maryland Sculptors, at the Governor's Mansion in Annapolis MD.

1989: Donated, by the Mano Swartz Family,
to the
Permanent Collection of Maryland Artists; housed at the
 University of Maryland Adult Center, College Park, MD

                     Bird # 1, 7"x6"                                                  Bird # 2,  7.5"x9.5"                                                 Bird # 3, 8.5"x9.5"
                          Nannette                                                               Father                  
                                     Younger sister, a twin
                       Bird # 4,  5.5"x8"                                                 Bird # 5,  9"x10"                                                    Bird # 6,  6"x8"
                    Younger sister, a twin                                                 Older brother                                                              Mother       
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