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Candyland Series
 Candyland's four sculptures, done in 2005, are an extension of the spirals found in the Healing Process.


Air-setting clay affords many possibilities for an artist. Nannette used a variety of unorthodox techniques in her Candyland series. Because the clay baked in a regular oven at low heat, Nannette could reinforce the clay walls with wire-mesh and cover coils of wire with thin rolls of clay. In this way, she made the medium unbreakable. To the left,
Candyland 4 is ready for color.

Candyland 1    3"x6"x4"

 Candyland 2   7.5"x10"x7.5" 

 Candyland 3   7.5"x5.5"x5.5"  (for wall or pedestal)

 Candyland 4    7.5"x15"x6.5"  (for wall or pedestal)

terra cotta, 1961, 10"x7"x6"

The Mask

front view
Air setting clay, acrylic paint
1995,  4"x3.5"x3"



The Mask deals with an one's private and public personas. In the front view, dark shadows illustrate the person's dominate personality, while hiding his/her inherent nature from the public. The back view (not shown) is a solid covering of the head with only two holes for eyes. By shrouding  the person's true identity, Nannette allows the public to see only what she wants them to see. The eyes, visible in both views, connect the sculpture's two sides with an all-knowing gaze.



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